About Us

About Us: TempAr is located in the free trade zone in Kayseri and we specialize in the design and production of gas burners for domestic household cooking appliances.

We are fulfilling the demands of gas cooker users & manufacturers with high quality gas burners which we produce.

Our gas burners provide a direct solution to those markets & counties where gas is used as a main cooking culture.

With its unique and exclusive designs our gas burners meet the international safety regulations in full and provide a safe and efficient cooking experience to our customers. On the other hand we also consider various manufacturing process of gas cookers / ovens and adapt our burners to the main appliance in order to provide easy service and installation purpose.

Thanks to our Toolshop Department we provide fast and flexible actions to various customer needs.

The geographical position of Turkey (being close to many target markets) and our production area located in the free zone of Kayseri is bringing various advantages. This is helping us to improve and develop our Export Business.

Tempar Kalıp Makine Koll. Şti.