Traditional Tastes

The cooking conditions are essential as well as ingenuities of cooking, to achieve the desired results.

To reach the desired taste is only possible by composing the right temperature rise in the right time, along the all skills of cooking The cooking by the fire of gas is the closest method to effect of the traditional cooking by wood fire.

The most required feature of the gas cookers is low emission of combusted gasses from gas burning.

The emissions of the high level of the carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) will cause hazards on the human health, and will have a bad influence on the air quality of the ambience and taste of food, due to odour and smoke.

The efficient burn at gas ovens means also low emission of combusted gas. The national and international standards limit the amount of the combusted gas emission by PPM levels.

Therefore, an efficient burner in a correctly designed oven cavity is a significant component to preserve traditional tastes.

Mehmet KEKEÇ