Cubic 90 Burner

cubic_90_burner_flammed_top_middle cubic_90_burner_flammed_down_middle

Product Description

Cubic 90 burner is used in 80cm-90 cm cooker and built-in ovens ,Also used in Professional and semi Professional oven ant grill burner up to 1-1.2 meters . Burner is Used with reflector for grill part.Reflector is optional part for cooker. It is produced by metal covered with aluminum to against high temperature and rust. By help of its wide and flat body and widespread reflector surface, it makes toasting more homogenous and more homogeneous especially in grill toasting . The split structure provides easy installation and service. The thermocouple and ignition bracket are optional. Thanks to the structure of the burner is hidden in the upper cavity. Thanks to its high efficiency, it can be fed with a lower amount of gas, In this way providing ease of use for the closed grill function.

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